Sat Jan 29 21:29:13 2005

Hi, I'm just moving back to TX near Austin, do you have a good surgeon in Houston? I would love to hear from you at

Thanks - Kathy >
> Date: 2005/01/19 Wed PM 09:59:11 EST
> Subject: PAIN SPECIALISTS... ??
> Sender: "The Bakers" <>
> Subject: RE: PAIN SPECIALISTS... ??
> Kelly - are you from TX? I traveled to Fort Worth, one of the
> specialists > (surgeon) that was recommended by IAS was there. He was
extremely > knowledgeable, but because my adhesions are so advanced, he referred
> me to a doctor in PA. I am disabled through the State of Texas and my
> insurance does not cover "In-network" outside the state of Texas.

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