Re: Adhesions from Peritonitis

Sat Jan 8 17:37:27 2005

>From my own experience, I have discovered that to avoid obstructions
from my adhesions, I must avoid gas forming foods. Also, I take lots of BEANO and Lactase milk enzymes for any milk products. Also, I take Gas-X. These things keep the pain down, also the bloating and possible bowel obstruction, which is my greatest fear everytime I eat. ~ Kathleen Parsa

> Sender: (Jane)
> Subject: Adhesions from Peritonitis
> In 1999 I had a ruptured appendix with peritonitis and "blood
> poisoning". Eight months later I had a bowel obstruction from
> adhesions. I am now experiencing pains in my abdominal area,
> specifically around my stomach. The feeling is that I could vomit and
> I feel very uncomfortable--almost bloated.

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