Re: Surgery pending

From: dennis (
Sat Jan 8 17:36:40 2005

I am pretty sure that I am going to have to have a re-section
done with the next 6 weeks. I have a blockage from scar
tissue on my right side. I can pass only liquids. My bowel
movements are vary from water to like tomato soup and that
is all. I just got out of the hospital. I am due to see my
Gastrologist in 2 weeks after all the tests. I have a
cat-scan on Monday (1-10-05).

I am on a soft diet of course. I am wondering why most of my trouble is in my right side? I had severe cramps and watery stool before a five day stay in the hosp. I had plenty of iv's and anti-biotics Flagyl and others. I am taking 20 mg of predisone until I see the doc. He indicated that surgery probably was in my near future due to scar tissue from a previous surgery for Crohn's in 1991. It has been the only surgery for Crohn's since I have had it and it was a major surgery. I hope this one will be a lot better since I am in much better shape than then. I am58 years old and have had Crohn's for about 25 years. I think that the doctor said that they would probably insert a ring and sew the intestine to it to prevent reclosure. Has anyone had this type of surgery on their right side? All the info seems to be on surgery on the left side. Any information would be gladly appreciated.

I would really like to hear from someone who has Crohns and had surgery on the right side for blockage of scar tissue or anything to do with that type of intestional surgery on the right side. Thanks a million. Dennis

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