From: Eva (
Wed Jan 5 19:01:20 2005

Hello. My father has experienced severe adhesion pain for several years due to several adhesion surgeries. His surgeon has said that any further surgeries would only cause more adhesions thus causing more pain. There are some days (most days) that he cannot even stand to be alive to be honest.

The pain he experiences is so evident on his face. My father is 68 years of age and is in desperate need of any information you might be able to lend on pain management etc. I read an article on the internet of a female who had experienced adhesion pain for many, many years and she had another surgery to remove the adhesions and they basically injected her abdominal cavity with saline so that the organs would float instead of rub together via the adhesions. This female went through a doctor in Pennsylvania and I believe the procedure was done circa 2000. I would appreciate any information you might have.

Thanks and God bless!


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