hard to keep faith

From: melanie (pickel@ellijay.com)
Wed Nov 24 16:42:50 2004

hi everyone, i am trying not to give up. i have a five year old daughter. all my trouble started in 99 when i had an emergency c-section.in 2001 i had adhesions removed from my uterus,bladder, intestines, and everywhere else. i felt decent for about 6 months then the pain was back. in 2004 i changed doctors and he explained i had endometriosis. 4 weeks ago he removed my rt ovary because it was extremly enlarged. we are trying to get pregnant so now they have taken me off pain medication. since the surgery i am still hurting in my rt side and leg. they sent me to another doctor who says i have ilio-inguinal neuritis. he gave me a steroid injection but it hasn't helped. now they say it could be a hernia or a pinched nerve. it is so hard to stay positive. i thought giving up my ovary was going to fix it all or atleast make it better. i am tired of hurting and it seems like everyone is getting tired of me constant complaining.

i am getting tired of complaining. from reading all of your entries i know iam not alone but i feel like i am.


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