Re: Anybody's adhesions CAUSED by gallbladder removal?

From: Margaret (
Wed Nov 24 16:43:25 2004

They are talking about doing a lap in Jan. Right now I'm trying to get my strength back-before we got my diet straight I had gotten so weak I could not walk across Wal Mart without keeling over. Thanks to the enteral formula I'm actually gaining weight and having some energy. I've got liquid roxycodone for pain and nitroglycerine works very well for the worst spasms (now that was a lot of trial and error!). I have Sjogren's syndrome so can't take drying drugs like Ativan. Very frustrating.

My current doc is great(but not very hopeful) and my dietician has been a real life saver.It hurt so bad to eat I seriously wanted to end it all. Drinking the Peptamen is a chore, but I sure feel better than I did this past spring.

My liver enzymes were up in the 500, 550 range before they would even consider looking at my gallbladder.Kept telling me it was "irritable bowel"!

>do you have a specialist now - that can go
>in with that little laproscopy and look?
>sounds pretty bad since your drinking meals.
>and of course - none of these tests can see
>the scar tissue - not until there is a complete

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