Re: Successful surgery w/Dr. Reich 10/25/04

From: Karyn (
Thu Nov 18 18:30:40 2004

Surprisingly he did not use any adhesion barriers. He said there are none on the market here that have been proven to work. I was a little shocked but he's the doctor and I respect his decision. I am surprised at how well I am feeling. I feel more bruised on the inside than anything else...I know that is to be expected though. I see my local doctor tomorrow to have the incisions looked at but they look great in my opinion so I'm not expected anything but good news there.

At Tue, 16 Nov 2004, jeanne wrote: >
>I am so glad you are feeling better! Did Dr. Reich fill you with
>lactate ringer after surgery or use any barriers?
>Keep us up to date with your recovery, take care of yourself

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