Re: Successful surgery w/Dr. Reich 10/25/04

Sat Nov 20 16:08:02 2004

At Thu, 18 Nov 2004, Karyn wrote: >I had surgery done 8 weeks ago and my Dr. used something

called Macropore SurgiWrap Mast and so far I am still pain free this was the 4th lap for me since April so this time frame for being pain free is a record for me!! hope this helps >Surprisingly he did not use any adhesion barriers. He said there are
>none on the market here that have been proven to work. I was a little
>shocked but he's the doctor and I respect his decision. I am surprised
>at how well I am feeling. I feel more bruised on the inside than
>anything else...I know that is to be expected though. I see my local
>doctor tomorrow to have the incisions looked at but they look great in
>my opinion so I'm not expected anything but good news there.

Ask your Dr. about something called SurgiWrap Mast just had it used in my
4th lap a month ago and so far pain free.

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