Re: HELP! Advice needed!

From: Loren (
Thu Nov 18 18:31:52 2004

Julie, Cymbalta does actually work for pain. They have done studies and have found it is working for neuropathic pain and Fibromalisa(spelling). I have begun taking it as part of my pain management w/ oxycontin. Most doctor seem to start w/ the less addictive options first. But If you feel she isn't listening to you.(which it sounds like she isn't),find someone who will. It took me months to find the right dr who believes these adhesions cause REAL pain and were destroying my life.

At Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Julie Tom wrote: >
>I just went to a new doctor today (a Pelvic Pain specialist)...
and I am feeling really uneasy about the whole experience.

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