Thank you everyone!

From: Sue (
Tue Nov 16 15:15:01 2004

Dear ladies,

I started a new thread here, as, my thread got sort of bounced around (Anyone experience these symptoms?).

I want to thank each and every one of you for your suggestions and sharing your experiences. One of you had suggested taking Colace every day, which I had just started. There's also a supplement, which is a little difficult to find (or at least it was in my neighborhood), but found it on the net. A physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, had suggested it. Anyway, its called Triphala, and is touted as being a bowel cleanser. Since my recent hospitalization for a possible intermittent bowel obstruction... although that all depends upon who you talk to (gastroenterologists all say I have IBS and refuse to go any further, but, insist that I need to see a shrink), I started taking the Triphala, three capsules twice a day between meals (I barely eat now), and, Colace, three per day, the situation seems to have calmed down quite a bit. I honestly don't know if its coincidence or not, but, I'm better nonetheless.

Someone else had mentioned here that I get to a good surgeon who specializes in adhesions. I had done just that five years ago, the individual is one of a handful in the country (he also specializes in endo). At the time, I had some endometriosis, my sigmoid was adhered to my left ovary which were all adhered to my pelvic sidewall. I'm menopausal now, but, for those of you who understand endometriosis, that isn't necessarily a "cure", and neither is a hysterectomy. I'm almost positive I have more implants and from what I experienced recently which caused me to go to the Emergency Room, my guess is more adhesions. I'm doing my best to stay out of the operating room, and, THE EMERGENCY ROOM!

I thank you all for your help and support. It truly is a comfort knowing I'm not the only one, although my heart wishes that none of you needed this group.

Again, thank you. -Sue

P.S. If anyone else here has tried Triphala, I'd be very interested in knowing your experience with it. Also, does anyone here experience a sort of pulling sensation around their waist, and then up and over your hip area? This seems to dissipate quite a bit after a bm. Just curious.

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