Re: My operation video / Sally

From: Vicki Osborne (
Tue Nov 16 15:13:19 2004

Sally, and anyone else, This computer messaging is new to me - but I have been going thru the same types of things about my health problems as I read about in this posting. I'm 45 & sooooo tired of it all. It's so welcoming to see that I'm not alone in my quest to find a DR who does not think that I just need a frontal lobotomy. Almost seriously... but yes, 10 yrs ago I was even subjected to electrical "shock" tests to test my nerves (for the weird health symptoms I was having at the time - & proved nothing, except for my "TORTURE" tolerance!). That stopped all of my doctor office visits for quite awhile though, ..I somehow recovered on my own in time - I believe a blessing from GOD.

Well, I'm again believing from my on-going symptoms - the various aches & pains - that for a second time, I'm needing some adhesions surgically removed. I was hoping that you might have heard of any new techniques prevents adhesions/scar tissue recurring (ie..laser surgery? or something).

My surgery background is - two C-Section births, appendix removal, hysterectomy, & ovaries/adhesions removal(Jan 86).

With that last "exploratory" surgery - this quote from the surgeon (who wouldn't believe my complaints before hand) - "I'm really, really sorry....I didn't realize you were THAT SICK!" - and then went on to explain how bad the adhesions were squeezing around all my organs, & he tried to cut away as much as he could.

At least I had finally convinced that DR to do anything & he finally agreed to do exploratory surgery!!! I have had a pretty good run on better health (not constantly in pains) since then - until this last year or so - I've been gradually getting worse again.

Any info, suggestions or help on the subject - would be greatly appreciated.

Disheartened & afraid,

Vicki Osborne

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