Re: Pelvic adhesions

From: Karyn (
Tue Nov 16 15:15:01 2004

Hi Donna,

Unfortunately there is no "test" to detect adhesions. Not even an MRI. Can you describe your pain in more detail?

~ Karyn

At Sun, 14 Nov 2004, Donna wrote: >
>Hi. Could you please tell me if a CT scan would show adheasions? I was
>in the emergency room and they told me they could not locate the source
>of my lower left pelvic pain. When they did the CT scan they did it
>without contrast because I have asthma and I didn't want to get the dye.
>The next day I went to my OBGYN and he did a internal. I have a
>Csection scar from two Csections. The second Csection I had took 8
>weeks to close up. It left a much bigger scar and was much harder to
>heal. But, my OBGYN did not even mention anything about pain from a
>past Csection. Is this because they would have seen it on the CT scan
>or do even OBGYN's not think of adhesions?

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