abdominal pain post hysterectomy

From: deedee (deedillydelaney@yahoo.com)
Tue Nov 16 15:12:13 2004

I have been struggling with pelvic pain since I was 16. At 21 I was dx'd with endo. Since then I have had multiple laparoscopies and laparotomies as well as drug therapy in attempts to control the pain. Each time, dense adhesions were removed only to form again.

In September I had a total abdominal hysterectomy with left oophrectomy (both tubes and right ovary had already been removed in previous surgeries). Two days after the surgery I began experiencing pain under my belly button. The pain has not let us since. It has however, changed and seem concentrated in the right upper quadrant and almost under my ribs. I am in constant pain and no one is helping me. I don't know which way to turn at this point and I am scared that the adhesions are messing things up all over again. I did this hysterectomy as a last ditch effort to try to get rid of constant pain and now I feel like I made a huge mistake because I am still in pain and being bounced back and forth between my doctors who keep saying it isn't their job and two ER visits for the pain have resulted in no help at all either.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Questions I should ask my doctors? Places to look for research? Ideas for pain relief? I feel like I am losing my mind.


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