Re: Anybody's adhesions CAUSED by gallbladder removal?

Thu Nov 11 18:52:28 2004

I too was diagnosed with adhesions after my gall bladder surgery about 2 yrs ago. Can you tell me the type of pain you are experiencing or what you do to relieve them. Even where the pain exactly is. I been dealing with this for about 6 months, just like you. We seem to have pretty much the same gig going on. Please contact me if you can. Thanks, Suraj

At Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Kara Bachman wrote: I do not have endo, but today I had a preliminary diagnosis of adhesions as a result of Gallbladder surgery.

My dr. wants to wait for scan results first, but says he's almost positive. I am seeking someone else who has adhesions CAUSED by gallbladder removal. I want to know a few things: My dr. says this type is not operable.

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