Re: Anybody's adhesions CAUSED by gallbladder removal?

From: Debbie (
Sun Nov 14 14:15:29 2004

I will be following this thread with interest. I had my gallbladder removed 11/99 at the same time I was having laparoscopic surgery to treat endometriosis. I would say I had roughly 3-4 months relief from the right upper quadrant pain before pain set in again. I have been to numerous doctors since the onset of the post cholecystectomy pain but have not gotten anywhere.

The latest consensus is that my pain could very well be the result of adhesions in the area. At a surgery I had in 1/03 for a hernia repair, it was noted that there were adhesions in the area of the prior gallbladder surgery but "they could not be removed due to their proximity to the hepatic vein." Since then the pain has only gotten worse.

I am currently being treated by a very well known GI specialist who wants to rule out sphincter of oddi dysfunction. I guess I will be undergoing ERCP study in order to accomplish this. If this test proves negative then I am left with the likelihood of my pain coming from adhesions. Finding someone to treat the problem is another issue. I'll be interested to hear the outcome of your search for answers.

Keep us posted.


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