Re: Anyone experience these symptoms?

From: Sharon (
Tue Nov 9 18:53:30 2004

Hun your not crazy . Adhesions a nasty the stick to everything and I dont care what anyone says they do cause alot of problems mine are all over my bowels which causes my bowels to obstruct what ever you do dont let them do any more surgeries that will cause more adheasions if you do get a obstruction and it is not a total one have them put in a ng tube and do IV fluids and pain meds and wait it out . I have had 18 surgies for obstruction and now they say there is nothing that can be done for me anymore . now they have found that if they put the bowel at rest most of the time it will correct itself I also suggest that you take a stool softner every day I have been taking Colace everyday and it has improved my bowels I'm not saying you wont every have problems but it does help to stay more soft. I also suggest if you have a problem that you get constipated alot and you bowels are senistive dont eat alot of foods that are hard for the system to digest if you want to chat or need a friend that has been through the same type of things you can add me to your aol buddy list my name there is Take Care and God Bless ..............Sharon

At Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Sue wrote: >
>Hello everyone. Five years ago, I had laparoscopic surgery which ended
>up being a 2 hour lap, trying to rearrange my anatomy due to adhesions
>(from endometriosis).

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