Endometriosis & Adhesions

From: Debbie (Tigger6040@aol.com)
Thu Nov 11 18:48:35 2004

Greetings to everyone.

I felt compelled to post this information for all of you who suffer with adhesions who also have endometriosis.

Endometriosis is known to cause adhesions. Unless all endometriosis is removed from the body adhesions will likely continue to form. It is fruitless to continue to have surgery to remove adhesions if ALL endometriosis is not removed. Like adhesions, endometriosis is very difficult to treat successfully. It takes the skill and expertise of an experienced endo surgeon to recognize and remove all endometriosis no matter where it might be growing. There are really only a handful of these specialized surgeons located in the country.

I have suffered with endometriosis for a long time, since well before my official diagnosis in 1987. I have had multiple problems with adhesions due to endometriosis. Until I sought out the help of an endometriosis specialist who did extensive surgery to find and remove all endometriosis as well as all adhesions I continued to suffer excruciating pain. My treatment with the specialist necessitated a trip across country since he was not in my home state but it was the best thing I could have done for myself.

I urge all of you who have endometriosis to seek treatment with an endo specialist who can remove all endo. Since endo is a known cause of adhesions, the doctors who specialize in treating it see some of the worst cases of adhesions and treat both successfully. Removing adhesions but leaving endo is a recipe for further ARD and continued pain and suffering.

The doctor that helped me is Andrew Cook. You can read about Dr. Cook's practice at http://www.pelvicpain.com If anyone has questions about my experience with endo, adhesions and Dr. Cook I welcome your e-mail.

All my best, Debbie

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