Take Back Your Life

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Tue Nov 9 18:45:21 2004

From: adhesions@adhesions.org [mailto:adhesions@adhesions.org]On Behalf Of cathy coakley Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 1:50 AM Subject: Re: Take Back Your Life

You are very Brave! I Myself chose surgery! it was my 4th! I had Partial hyster in 91 and a total in 91, then gall bladder in 99, then adhesion lysis in 03! (All Surge I had adhesions too)

I was unable to go to the bathroom, even with enemas and Laxatives!

When i walked, I felt as though my Insides where being ripped to shreds, and at times, I even saw STARS from moving Left leg to far!

When I found Dr Andrew Cook, He Saved my Life! It was the First Surge where A Barrier was used, Gortex and I felt Immediate relief!

I Paid out of Pocket, cause i have HMO Kaiser! I had to do alot of research, and Found out that if I hadn't had surge, I could have ended up with a Colostomy Bag if i had a Total Obstruction!' Also, because Severe constipation can cause infections, which i had and took Ci pro, I Could have Turned Septic & Died!

My Cousin is a Nurse and said they had a Woman Die last Month from her Bowel perforating and spilling into Blood Stream, she had ADHESIONS! And bowel Obstructions!!! My Cousin has Adhesions Too from her Hysterectomy!

We are in a No Win Situation!!! The Thought of a NG tube up my Nose and Down my Throat was Less appealing then Surgery! I'm a Lucky one, so far I'm Normal Now, at least I can go BM no Pain and I dont need any Pain Meds!!! Again, I say that WE ALL need to Send our Stories to OPRAH!!!

She can be our Voice! And if she Does a Show on this DISEASE, we can Get EVERY STATE to recognize it for those who Need SDI!!


I mean How Many STUPID JERKS have said to us Adhesions Don't Hurt!! Yeah Right!!

Try Crazy gluing your Body parts together and then ripping then apart, then These Jerks will know a Tenth of our Pain!

I think you are Awesome and so very strong! I PRAY that you can Continue with out Surgery My friend! I wish I had that Option, only cause its practically bankrupted us, but I'm Blessed and I Believe Ill get through the finical Nightmare Someday!

Im just SO THANKFULL to GOD for bringing Dr Cook into my Life! Without Him I would Be DEAD! I Couldnt have handled much more!

Blessings Cathy Coakley

Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 9:51 PM Sender: leenoga@cfl.rr.com (Ms Lee) Subject: Take Back Your Life

I am no different than many of you here. I have a complex surgical history since 1976, 13 abdominal surgeries, last one was Christmas '94, small bowel obstruction. I am an 80% disabled female veteran because of all this mess.

As of 2004 I have a small bowel-large bowel communicating fistula due to the adhesions. Treatment, double bowel resection. I also have frozen bowel dueto massive adhesions and small bowel obstruction, I am 47.

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