Second Surgery with Dr. Gerhart

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Mon Nov 8 21:44:12 2004

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I'm sorry you are going through so much financially on top of all the physical pain you endure. You are fortunate to have an employer that puts up with it. I didn't have a choice but to file. I couldn't hold a job long enough to save my soul. My last employer put up with me for almost 3 years...probably because I revealed my condition upon hiring me so they couldnt' come back and say I didn't tell them.

It obviously didn't last since they terminated me two summers ago. I've been fighting for disability since. We're doing is on the t able and we're happy...that's all that matters.

Unfortunately, we just have to wait and hope that the dr's error on this last surgery doesn't cost me more years of suffering.

I 'll continue to keep you in my prayers, friend.

hugs, jeanne

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> Jeanne,
> I would love to meet you to sometime. It would be
> wonderful to have tea or something and discuss about
> our disability with ARD.

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