Re: Take Back Your Life

From: Sue (
Sun Nov 7 17:40:59 2004

Robin, Can you tell me the name and location of your surgeon? I am desperate. I have no life. I'm exhausted. I can't take this anymore. Please reply.

At Fri, 29 Oct 2004, Robin M wrote: >
>Dear Ms Lee,
>I agree that surgery in the USA is a temporary solution to a long term
>problem, however, with the use of Spray Gel in Europe and Austrailia, it
>can be life time solution. I have had at least as many surgeries as you
>if not more since my first adhesion surgery in 1985. I had just about
>all the barriers available used on me. Before I had surgery in Germany,
>June 03, I was disabled, although because of finances, I did not qualify
>for disablity. And since I have been a stay at home Mom, I did not have
>the work credits to qualify. I was actually told by the SS office that
>if I divorced my husband, I would qualify.

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