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From: Anita Rivera (
Mon Nov 8 21:42:29 2004

At Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Ann wrote: >
>"If anyone has had surgery by C Y Liu, MD. I would like to know what
>kind of results you had if you don't mind sharing.(He performs surgery
>at St Vincents in New York and in Chattanooga, TN. USA)"

In response to your post, Ann, I wanted to share a portion of an e-mail that I received from Dr. Liu when I contacted him last March about my own adhesion experience (I am not seeking help to achieve fertility either):

"Laparoscopic surgery can be done even in patients with extreme dense adhesions. However, the long term result of adhesiolysis, in general, is not very satisfactory. Please try to understand that adhesions are part of our body's defense reactions to insults (surgical or infectious injury) to the linning of abdomino-pelvic cavity. Surgery (especially traditional open surgery) usually cause adhesions, therefore, try to use another surgery to treat what was caused by surgery at first place usually is not rewarding. However, if patient with adhesions requires a surgical relief, not doubt about that laparoscopic surgery is so much more superior to laparotomy in the hands of proficient laparoscopic surgeon."

This response did not offer a lot of hope to me that he would be willing to work with me. He also indicated that he was of the mindset that as long as you can function in daily life, surgery should not be an option. Hope this helps.


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