Re: HELP! Advice needed!

From: Annie (
Sun Nov 7 17:42:32 2004

Julie Tom, I understand what you are going through right now only too well. I too was diagnosed with adhesions last year and now have pain again.... I've been to 5 doctors so far and have not been able to get anyone to take me seriously. I don't know why they treat us as though we are imagining things... I don't know why I was refused pain medication again and again until I had to go to the ER to be hooked up to an IV and given demerol because I was bent over in pain. I'm seeing a new doctor next week, but I have no confidence that anyone will help me.. sorry.. I suppose we are meant to be optimistic and supportive... but I am frustrated and depressed too. Another coincidence is that I take Effexor, and have for several years. I will warn you that it is VERY essential that if and when you go off the medicine, you MUST do it with a doctor and VERY slowly. I have gone off of it before, and experienced some truly awful side effects. I can be more specific if you'd like... you can send me an email. Effexor doesn't help me for the pain... but.. maybe that's because I take it for depression. I have to say though, that if a doctor told me that what I really needed was a mental-health drug I would probably find someone else. You are in pain and need someone that will take you seriously. WHO? I don't know... but I hope that you and I find someone. I've been out of work for several months now and my spirits are very low. Good luck to you! Annie

At Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Julie Tom wrote: >
>I just went to a new doctor today (a Pelvic Pain specialist)... and I
>am feeling really uneasy about the whole experience.

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