Can onset of menstruation trigger episode of ADR? (postsurgery

From: Mrs. J.W. Emmerson (
Sun Nov 7 17:42:12 2004

Greetings from Indonesia! I have a really interesting possibility/question for you to consider for women with periodic post-surgical ADR.

I developed adhesion related problems within 4-6 months after intestinal cancer surgery 6+ years ago. (Cancer is totally resolved.) Interestingly, my ADR problems completely resolved during my recent pregnancy (9 months) and breastfeeding (6 months), and then have come back as usual. I had a C-section but that does not appear to have had any effect on my previous ADR problem whatsoever. Although my ADR episodes are only 3-4 times per year (i.e., not monthly), they do seem to correspond with the onset of menstruation when they do occur. It certainly appears that whatever collection of hormones were present during my pregnancy and breastfeeding, and / or the absence of the normal collection of hormones and menstruation process during that time, seems to have completely but temporarily cured the ADR problem. That is amazing in itself!!

Are you aware of there being any link between the onset of ADR episodes and menstruation? My Doctor believes that my problem is surgery related ADR (not endometriosis). It seems like the area of adhesion is suseptible to partial blokage at all times but perhaps the onset of the menstruation processes, such as cramping in the nearby soft muscle tissue of the uterus, make the area of adhesion of my small intestine even more suseptible to an episode of partial blokage. So, now I wonder if taking the birth control pill or something else that mimics the pregnancy situation, or otherwise lightens the menstruation process, may actually prevent episodes of ADR.

Age: 37

Surgical History: Resection of small intestine to remove 5cm leiomyosarcoma tumor in 1996. No other treatment is available for such cancer such as chemotherapy or radiation but no sign of recurrence of cancer whatsoever. C-section in February 2004. No other surgeries.

ADR Symptoms: Periodic (3 - 5 times per year) episodes of intense abdominal pain, gas gurgling, bloating, vomit and intestinal spasm. This recurring problem is a hugh obstacle to quality of life since one is always afraid of an attack and its depressing.

Treatment: Minor episodes can be resolved with prescribed anti-spasmotic, anti-gas, anti-vomit pills, massage and sometimes acupuncture. Major episodes require emergency hospitalization for intravenous drip with anti-spasmotic, or sometimes with nasal tube to relieve pressure in small intestine.

Daily Preventative Experiment: Although I have "normal" and regular menstruation every month, and do not have severe cramping, I began trying to test this theory by taking the following regimen of vitamins and oils recommended for women with serious menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) starting two months ago:

* women's multivitamin (3xday), fish oil for omega 3 fatty acids DHA720mg + EPA1000mg/day, B6 complex 100mg/day, magnezium 300mg/day plus extra 300mg/day during the week prior to and during menstruation which apparently relaxes smooth muscle tissue, vitamin E 150mg/day, eliminated trans-fatty acids found in partially hydrogenated oils, plus Advil 3/day starting a few days before menstruation to reduce prostaglandin F2 alpha during the menstruation process.

Initial Result: I had the beginnings of an ADR episode during the week prior to my last menstruation but it resolved by simply quickly turning to a easily digestible diet of rice porridge etc.

Question: Is there any evidence to suggest such a link between postsurgical adhesion problem episodes and menstruation? If yes, would taking birth control pills reduce the effects of menstruation and prevent adhesion disorder attacks? If so, this simple approach might help thousands of people with intestinal adhesion.

My Doctor told me 6 years ago that "there is nothing you can do except periodically go to the hospital and have a nasal pump". I am already grateful to see your work in this important field. I would be thrilled to recieve a reply.

Best Regards, J.W. Emmerson

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