From: Karen (skeneharris@charter.net)
Fri Nov 5 15:00:44 2004


I was wondering if anyone had a similiar story to share with me? Last week I went into the operating room expecting a total abdominal hysterectomy prompted by a lifetime of irregulat haevy periods , fibroids and pain. I was just done with my uterus! Anyway, I woke up many hours past the time of the surgery and was told I had to speak to my doctor.

When they opened me up they discovered the uterus was connected to the bowel and the bladder. They were unable to even see my ovaries. The doctor said they couldn't even make out the boundaries of the organs. They closed me up after bringing in 2 more surgeons for a consult. I was told if I wanted the hysterectomy I would need a temporary colostomy and another surgery for the bladder and the reconnection of the bowel in 4 months or so. I am stunned. The only other surgery I had was a c-section 3 years ago.

I am hoping this is the place for information and support that I could really benefit by. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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