Re: Feeling defeated already......posted by Liz

From: maureen (
Wed Nov 3 14:09:22 2004

replying to an e-mail sent by ljuzwick back in 2000, i donated my kidney to my brother almost 5 yrs. ago. i've been on a rollercoaster ride of pain since the operation. had one operation since, adhesions, but pain is persistant, i went back to pain mamagement and have started to wear a narcotic patch, just started yesterday, 25mg, no relief. when i read your e-mail and you said 4 surgeries, i said theres the person i need to talk to. this is my moms computer, i don't have one yet, but would love to hear from you. surgeon is talking about #2 operation but i'm hesitant because i'm afraid it's going to cause more pain. have you had any luck since you sent that message? AGAIN LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM U, HOPE YOUR BETTER & GOD BLESS

>At Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Liz wrote:
>Hi every-one
>Hopefully you all have survived the holidays? I went to a surgeon
>today...a new one, they had sent me to a kidney specialist yesterday due
>to blood in the urine, that is always present when they test me.

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