Re: adhesion surgery caused perforated small intestine

From: Heather and Eric (
Sun Jun 6 19:12:49 2004

Hi, I had something of that nature happen to me also. I ended up with a colostomy bag for a 4 months. I had 6 surgies from it within a 6 month period. It was very scary. I also had lots of tunneling and holes that would just open up on my stomach and I was hooked to a wound vac for several months and going to wound care Monday through Friday. It was extremely scarey and I didn't think I would ever recover. That was a year ago. I am better. My wound did finally heal, after my colostomy take down. I also had a complete hysto and my Dr. removed some of my stomach tissue because it was so messed up from the wounds and tunneling. Now recently I have been having lots of abdominal pain and of course since last year I now have IBS with consitipation. Thank God for Zelnorm, although if I even miss one day of it I am extremely constipated again. I just had surgery again 2 weeks ago because of my gallbladder. It was fool of stones and the bile duct was plugged. Because of the adhesions she was unable to do a laproscopic surgery and had to make an incision above my belly button and go in. She removed some of my adhesions, but she said that the are even worse than before. She said in a few months she might have to go back in because they are starting to strangulate my intestines. I am so scared of having a colostomy bag again. It took a while but I got use to the bag and I was finally okay with it, but then they took it down and it scares me to have it again. Right now my incision is hurting. I used a mirror and a flash light and had my husband help me and I have a hole in the middle of my incision and it is infected. All the memories are coming back of last year and it is scarey but I did recover and I will do what I have to, so that I can survive and be here for my children and husband. That is the only way I can look at it. I am so glad to found this group. I thought I was the only one out there going through all this. My husband is really the only one I have to talk to about this. My family kind of thinks I am a winer or something. They just don't understand and how can they? I don't know that I would of understood without experiencing it. I just want you to know that healing takes time and don't give up. Feel free to email me if you just need a shoulder. Godbless all of us and lets take these bad times to make us stronger.

Heather Bailey in Oklahoma

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