adhesion surgery caused perforated small intestine

From: candy (
Sat Jun 5 22:17:21 2004

I am looking to see if anyone else out there has had injuries caused during adhesion surgery. I have had several surgeries in the past, some for adhesions and some for other abdominal issues. Everything in the past always seemed to be okay. Severe abdominal pain, surgery for adhesions and then relief for a while. This time, surgery for adhesions on 02/18/04, came home seemed fine. Woke up two days later, put my feet on the floor to out of bed, and then the contents of my small intestine started pouring out my umbilicus incision. Emergency surgery, 18cm and two perforations removed from my small intestine, my "new" recovery began. I also had to have surgery on 03/31/04 and 05/05/04 for infections in the wound. Every surgery left the opening of the wound larger, needing to be packed daily. Three and a half months later, I can finally see where my wound is healing. My husband understands because he has been there for every second of this. I usually just give brief, humorous explainations to anyone else, but most people would never understand what I have been through. I guess that I want to connect with someone who has been through this and come out okay, so that I can feel like there will be an end to this someday. I feel traumatized along with the physical pain, except the trauma doesn't show.

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