Re: Jean Question on Rectocele??????

Sat Jun 5 22:18:52 2004

I believe defagram refers to when they fill the colon and actually watch the act of defecation. Where I worked before, they were called defacographies. (Not a pleasant thing to read radiologically or to type.) At Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Jean wrote: >
>I don't know what a Defagram test is.
>Can't believe I never had that one, they missed one somehow (teehee). My
>Gyn found mine with the fingers up the butt & vagina at the same time,
>much better than a scope or something. I don't know if or what other
>tests detect it.
>Have you had a rectal by your GYN recently?
>It is a normal procedure with your yearly exam.
>Maybe that other tests shows it better???
>JEAN (from PA)

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