pain with surgery

From: Kristie (
Sat Jun 5 22:17:24 2004

Hi I hope you all are having a pain free day. I know someone reading this has pain. I am sorry My pain is somewhat controled. I am on tons of meds. And I can pretty much lead a semi normal life. I wish I could excersie more and be more active. I dont have that much "get up and go" because these meds bring me down some. I have had with drawls this past week. What I am wondering is, you women to Dr Gearheart, or others, the surgery you have, is that better or worse than say, a C section. My last surgery was so terrible, I dont think I want to live if I have to have surgery like that again. It was the worst thing I have had in my life. I have had C sections and hysto and stuff........but this having my overies removed, I never recovered. I didn't leave my home for months.... I am scared. If any of you have answers, please tell me. I hate to say thing, but I am afraid for the rest of my life........ Thank Kristie

Let's be good to ourselves....Kristie

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