Chest Pains...please help me

From: Tammy (
Sun Jun 6 19:06:37 2004

I have been dealing with a new and horrible pain lately, it is in my chest and it scares the hell out of me.

It hurts right square in my chest bone, between my boobs, it feels like it comes from below, like out of my legs (which I have a lot of problems with due to the adhesions). I can feel the path of the pain as it continues through my abdominal cavity, up towards the surface of my skin around where the bottom of my stomach would be and then dives under my rib cage, then the pain path on the right and left side join together and go straight up to the breast bone where it hurts so bad I can't hardly breath and I for sure can't move, there is no comfortable position but I try to lay down or back. The pain is very intense in my chest and it travels through my core to my back bone. My lower jaw bone starts to have sympathy type pain. if I hold my breath, it gives a tiny bit of relief but doesn't make it stop. It eventually eases up and stops on it's own, these episodes last about 20 mins. and hurt so bad that it leaves me sore. I had an EKG on Wed. the 26th of May and had to repeat it a couple of days later because the test had a weak base line. I don't know what that means but it sounded like a problem with the machine. So a couple of days later I repeated the test and it was fine. Now like I said before, I have problems with my legs, they are under attack of the adhesions that fill the spot where my uterus once was. My legs hurt chronically in the inguinal area, you know what that is right? The bend of the leg where Femur joins pelvic? Yeap, that really tender spot where even unticklish women are ticklish! Well there is a major blood artery that runs right on through there, it is called the Femoral Artery, I think. Well doc and I think that the adhesions are wrapped around that artery in my right leg and that when it squeezes the artery it causes the blood to not flow as it should and maybe that is causing these chest pains.

So the EKG and the chest xray didn't show anything, our next plan is to look at an ultrasound of the inguinal area to see if, and that is a big if, the damage is visible.

As I am sure all of you know, adhesions are invisible to our modern day technology! I really, really hate that! I want to be able to SEE this menace that has turned my wonderful life into straight shit! Sorry, pardon my expression, I just get so dramatic sometimes!

This is the first day since last tuesday that I have been able to get on my computer, I was down hard for a week. I hate that too! I just wanted to post a message on the board to see if anyone else was dealing with these types of pains or had ever heard of anything like this.

If you know of any information or anything that would be helpful, with this new turn in my condition, please let me know, I am really scared and feel like I already have too much on my plate as is I don't need any new pains and/or problems.

Well I am getting sore sitting here at my desk, I really should go. Please somebody send me a ray of hope, cause I am really scared this time and I could use some advice and/or some facts. Take Care, Pain Free Hugs and Best Wishes to You and Yours Tammy Taber

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