Re: Does anyone have pain like this?

From: Tammy Taber (
Thu May 27 00:40:12 2004

Dear Becca, You said that you had a hysterectomy, what was the reason for that operation? It sounds like you might have adhesions from the hysterectomy, have you had any other abdominal operations?. A CT scan won't show adhesions, neither will an ultrasound or MRI or xrays, adhesions are invisible to technology. Tell me this, does it feel like you still have cramps like bad menstrual cramps, I know you don't have the female stuff anymore, but the adhesions could be filling up that 'empty' cavity where your uterus and stuff use to be. Try to explain how you feel, where the feeling is and how long ago did you have the hysterectomy and what was the reason for the hysterectomy? Hope to be able to help, write back when you can, I check my email a few times a day and the messages from the adhesions board come directly to my email box, so let me know and until then.. Take Care, Pain Free Hugs and Best Wishes to You and Yours, Tammy Lynn Taber

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