Re: bowel adhesions following iliostomy surgery

Thu May 27 00:40:38 2004

Hi my father has had a colostomy after a blockage in the bowel approx 12 months ago. He has been treated for cancer over the past 12 months and has been given clean bill of health. He had his iliostomy surgery about 2 months ago. He was in hospital for 15 days after the surgery, then home for a couple of weeks and has since been re admitted as he is de hydrated, not able to eat and has severere diarrhoea. He has been back in hopsital eating (via tube)a full supplement diet. Still no improvement. The doc now says that perhaps he has adhesions and that they must operate agian to see what the deal is - I'm not sure what that is and how it can be treated, but there was no mention of this happening post the iliostomy. Is this extra surgery required? Is there any oral treatment for adhesions? How long is the recovery period after a normal iliostomy operation? Is he better to have a reversak back to the colostomy? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

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