adhesions and Percoet

From: Renee (
Sat May 22 19:31:43 2004

I suffer from many illnesses. One of which causes pain sometimes extreme 24/7. There are times when my pain levels flare out of control. Before I always went to ER and received dalada (however its spelled)but the Dr wants to try me on Percocet. I am scared of new drugs (new to me I mean) as I h ave so many allergies to meds. I am allergic to morphine, demerol, vicodin, NSAIDs, MAOIs, and well the list goes on.

Does anyone know if this med is related to any of these I have listed? I just try to research the meds before I take them so I know how to be prepared when the next flare arises.

On the adhesions section. I have an illness that causes me to overproduce some product that the internal surgeons says is the leading factor in adhesions. Not sure I understood what he was meaning. But to date I have had six adhesion surgeries. The last one my intestine had grown into my abdominal wall and had to be released. The releasing of my intestine allowed the feces to pass through. I dropped 20 pounds alone from that. I feel it beginning again in my stomach and was wondering if anyone knew any Herbal rememdies or something to hopefully prevent an additional surgery.

Thanks Rene'e

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