Re: What is entailed to Apply for Soc. Sec Medicare for adhesions

Tue May 11 21:27:09 2004

Pam~ I was approved for SSDI on 11/01 on my first application and it only took 3 months to get approval, and I was approved due to my extensive adhesions and having had 13 major surgeries and having everything that could be removed, removed due to adhesions and the damage they caused. I had tons of records from my surgeries and Drs, and am on very high pain meds.After my 13th surgery, I was involved in a MVA and it messed up my last surgery and caused even more damage, along with 3 lumbar disks and cervical/thorasic problems, but that occured just priio ro my approval, so they knew of it, but my main approval was due to my chronic pelvic pain due to adhesions. I am 39 now, so was 36 when initially approved.

I have all the problems documented about difficultites eating, bowel problems due to massive adhesions on the colon, nerve damage from surgery and adhesions, etc, so that is what they want to know~ how this effects your life and ability to not work. After 23 yrs, you should have good records documenting what your going thru. If your Dr supports you and you have good documentation, then you should go ahead and file if you are unable to do any work.

I need another major surgery to fix the mess from MVA, and am in my 3 yr reveiw, but I am not worried about it as I have so many other severe problems along with the pelvic issues now that there is no way they could find any reason to discontinue benefits, but it is nerve racking none the less. :(

Best of luck to you, and let us know what happens, Hugs, Lori

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