Need to vent........

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I do know how you feel. I went through all of that pain before my hysterectomy at the age of 34. At that time the dr and I felt it best to leave 1 ovary because I have a very hard time taking any hormonal meds (they make me suicidal). I had a wonderful year. Then the adhesions attacked my remaining ovary. The dr tried to save it. The adhesions immediately attacked it again, but it was 2 months before we could convince the insurance company to allow him to go back in and remove it. By the time he went back in, the adhesions had again attacked my intestines as well, which he removed. That was in 1999. Last summer I had a vaginal prolapse. My doctor had to go in and basically take my lower bowel out and remove all of the adhesions and rebuild my vaginal wall. He had tears when he finished and told me what he had to do.

I am having severe pain in my abdomen right now-- which I believe from all the symptoms is gall bladder. None of the tests reveal gall bladder problems though, so my gastro Dr. doesn't believe it should be removed. The pain comes when the gall bladder contracts, however so my Gyno is sending me to a surgeon today. I want it removed. My Gyno did a lap two weeks ago thinking it would be adhesions, and I had no adhesions--this is the first time he has gone in to find no adhesions.

For this reason, I do believe there is hope. I hope that having my gall bladder removed will relieve the current pain I am experiencing and I pray, my co-workers pray, my students pray and my family pray that no adhesions will form and this will fix my problem.

I am very blessed to have a Dr. like mine. I am in Woodville, Texas and he is in Nacogdoches, Texas. He knows he is not a miracle worker, but he will do whatever it takes to try and help his patients be pain free. I believe a good Dr. is very important in getting through this.

I pray you can find some relief.


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