Re: Adhesions again?

Mon May 10 22:50:11 2004


Seeking out another surgeon is not the answer. You need to seek out the help of a Pain Mgmt. physician. Yes, they can take down adhesions via laparoscopy, however, you can still have adhesions come back, even worse. I had mine taken down during a laparoscopy, I even had my hysterectomy done this way, and I am worse off now. If after seeking the help of a pain mgmt. doctor still feel that you need surgical intervention, than you should seek the help of an adhesion expert. There are several doctors in the states now, but you may have to travel. Read the boards, check out: and find the other doctors that are mentioned.

Watch your activity levels, and make sure that you don't do a lot of bending over, squatting, etc. (Well squatting for me is bad due to my scarring from c-sections and laparotomy's - some people may not have this problem). Standing and sitting too long. I make sure when I have to stand too long that I twist slowly side to side to try to take that tension and get the burning sensation to loosen up a bit. I'll even bend slightly front and back. When my adhesions are really bad the back of my leg starts hurting and pulling, and I sit and massage it for awhile trying to loosen it up. This isn't an easy condition to have, but you have to try to make to make the best of it, by doing what you can (everything EXCEPT surgery) to make your life the best that it can be. Some on the board are finding deep tissue massage to help. Others, acupuncture. Some are doing both. Some are doing certain water aerobics which seems to help them. Whatever works for you, you should do. Test different things out. But don't give up.

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