Re: What is entailed to Apply for Soc. Sec Medicare for adhesions

From: kimberly mcgoldrick (
Mon May 10 22:48:35 2004

Hi Pam I just wanted to let you know that im 34 and have two girls ages 4 and 5 i havent been able to work in over three years and have had several abdominal surgeries leaving me with no stomach esophagus .lots of resections of my small intestine about 8 feet have been removed. I have worked very hard all of my life to get to wear i was and then i became suddennly critically ill. They recently after 4 years diagnosed me with crohns disease.I am on my social security disability. Im not going to say it was easy it wasnt but i lost it all my house all my savings and almost my life .Ive got the most important my girls and im fighting for my life and now we must depend on my parents and it kills me im so disabled and i suffer in pain at alevel 7-10 everyday and that is with pain management. You must find out who is responsible for the ssd in your town and apply unfortunately for me I am sole prvider and recieve the maxium family allowance, but our gov(medicare) does not pay for my disease and my meds and private health ins exceeds what i make a month. It is your money you need it and earned it it takes a while for the application to go through, but apply for it.I wish you luck. Kim

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