Re Pam ela and Kathleen

From: Robin M (
Mon May 10 22:47:39 2004

Dear Pam, For disability, you need your Dr to be willing to write a letter saying you are disabled. Then you can call Social Security. In New Mexico, you call them and they will set up a phone call to you. Then you have to answer a ton of questions. You need your medical records, or a list of them in front of you. I told them I had "Chronic Pelvic Pain from adhesions caused by my c-sections." They told me I would have qualified for disability, but, I was 4 work credits short, and My husband made too much to get it based on financial need. But I would qualify if I was divorced. I know if you are turned down, you can appeal it. An adhesion specialist is needed. Usually that is an OB/GYN. I had surgery last summer in Germany. Dr Korell has over 25 years experience in removing and researching adhesions. It is expensive and most insurance does not cover it because he uses Spray Gel, and it is not FDA approved in the States. I got adhesions from my first c-section in Oct 83 and started having pain a month later. My first surgery for adhesions was in Aug 85. I hope I helped in some way. Email me if you have more questions. robin M

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