Re: April 12, 2000: FDA.....Zelmac (Tegaserod) for Irritable Bowel

From: Asha Garcia (
Mon May 10 00:32:10 2004

At Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>APRIL 12, 2000: FDA Grants Priority Review For Zelmac (Tegaserod) For
Irritable Bowel Syndrome >

Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome diarreah or constipation or can it be both? If it is constipation, I reccomend Dieters Green Tea. Do not get Green Tea or perhaps any other tea from your grocery store, get it from a health food store that sells all natural products. Basically make sure your tea is all green tea and nothing added. The grocery store tea is not bad atleast to my knowledge but it does not have nearly the same impact as the Teas that Chinese healthfood stores or regular healthfood stores have. Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants that remove old food or toxic waste out of our system. It dramatically raises your mebatabolism and burns calories at a rapid rate. We do not need a pill, what we need is the miracles that nature has already provided for us. I only mentioned Green Tea but I am sure that there are many other natural methods that will do the same. Vinegar, lemon juice, Oolong Tea are all good in getting rid of toxic waste. Please if you are going to eat green tea do not eat unhealthy foods such as white bread and packaged foods because you know green tea will lessen the impact of what those life deadning foods will do. ONly take green tea or dieter's green tea if you are willing to eat right and exercise regularly. God has provided us natural products for our health issues. I am not a big beliver in medicine I do not think it gets to the heart of the matter of our physical ailments. It only masks what is truly wrong with us.

*Excuse my grammar

Asha Garcia

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