Re hysterectomy, Duphalac & constipation, and obstruction of the

From: ilze neethling (
Mon May 10 00:32:19 2004

Hi, my name is Ilze, I am new to the site. I have been reading so many letters since I joined, that it is impossible to reply to all of them individually! I therefore try to simultaneously address some of the thing that ‘spoke’ to me.

First, hysterectomies…I have been wondering if having one would not remove my adhesion problems. About a year ago, I underwent a myomectomy. Since then the adhesions were growing like wild fire and I had to have them removed barely 13 months after the myomectomy. (At the same time than the myomectomy, I also had other adhesions removed around my intestines) Now, some general surgeons seem to believe that a myomectomy actually contributes to adhesions, and that they prefer doing a hysterectomy directly. Others do not think it makes a difference. However, I have read so many scary letters on this site re hysterectomies, that I am starting to think to hold onto my uterus, whether I use it or not! Now my adhesions focus on the intestines, but taking out the uterus might create more space for them to grow, and of course, surgery actually activates even more adhesions. Therefore, I do not believe it to be a solution. I will be speaking to a couple of gynecologists about this as well. I think it is worthwhile to gather as much information as possible from different sources. If I find out anything, I will let you know.

Secondly, Duphulac-Dry. I have been taking this since I have a constant problem with constipation. (Since I was a teenager) I will be constipated for a week to ten days, and then have diarrhea for 2-3 days.

Without Duphulac-Dry, I experience terrible cramps, or even when I skip a day’s use. However, using it creates a easy, smooth bowel movement and I feel less bloated as well. Having an ‘empty’ stomach’ also lessens pains and general cramps. I have found however, I have to take it simultaneously with my main meal of the day. It is no use to drink at i.e. before bedtime, or in the mornings. It has to be with a cup of water directly with my meals. If I skip a day’s use, I do get cramps, please note. I have also found it easier to take my main meal and the Duphulac early in the evening. Somehow, if taken with a large lunch, I have a very uncomfortable afternoon.

I have considered various other medications, such as Movicol, Agiolax, and Alvercol. I have tried them and they do not seem to work for me. I try to stay away from sennacot products, as I have been told it might cause dependency. And I definitely do not want to take any products, which works directly on the peristalses in my stomach, as this will make them lazy and create and even bigger problem. I am also scared of bulk products since they do bloat me for at least 12 hours, and they create, in a sense, weight in the intestines. In addition, if there is even a partial obstruction, they might cause a total one. Theoretically, if the intestines become full, they become heavy. Then they start ‘dragging’ down, and the pulling weight causes any adhesions around the intestine to pull tighter, in some cases, it causes a total obstruction and strangulation of the intestines, which then needs to be surgically removed. Therefore, it is vital for everyone with adhesions to ensure open bowels as, theoretically, it is still able to function with a partial obstruction and if one can reduce surgery, it is possible that they will go away on their own in time. However, this is in theory, only.

Something I want to add, however, is that everyone with adhesions should wear loosely fit clothing….I don’t know about other people but I have found that after a couple of operations, my stomach muscles do not function the way they’re supposed to. Wearing anything that even remotely fits ‘snugly’ ‘squashes’ my intestines further. So does sitting for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. With adhesions, it seems, it is trial and error. But at least, sharing our problems and possible solutions on this site, we feel less lonely and isolated, and somewhere, someone’s experience might contribute to our own solutions.

God Bless And hang in there Ilze

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