Re: Dr. wants me to have a hystorectomy due to adhesions

From: jodi (
Thu Apr 29 22:45:21 2004

hey i just read an article online about lupron....not good.
look into it first

At Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Danielle wrote: > >Hi, my name is Danielle and this is my first time posting. I've always >had pelvic pain for as long as I can remember, at around 19 I was told >that I have endometriosis. The dr. said it was a mild case and pretty >much disregarded me. In the years since I have had 4 laps and 2 >c-sections (both children were concieved w/fertility meds) This last lap >I had the dr. said I had severe adhesions, that my uterus and bladder >were fused together and that I would need a hystorectomy in order to >aleviate the pain caused from the adhesions and the endo. I had a 2nd >opinion yesterday and that dr. was very wishy washy and threw it back >to me, well do you want to have it done? When I said no he suggested >lupron or depo. I have tried it all, and I no longer wish to be forced >into menopause and how would that help w/ the adhesions. I'm very >confused and in pain daily. That is the other thing no dr. I see will >address the pain issues, whenever I ask for pain meds I always feel as >if I'm some kind of freak pill seeker. > >Anyway I found this site and really hope to hear from some women that >can understand.

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