It's just has to be adhesions

From: Jane (
Thu Apr 22 00:02:49 2004


1986 - C-Section 1990 - C-Section 1992 - Hytorectomy <sp> 2001 - Thyroidectomy (no pain/adhesions in my neck yet)

During my hystorectomy the doctor asked me while in recovery if I had problems with bowel movements. I hadn't noticed? I had always had painful bowel movements. He told me that I had adhesions sever enough that he had to take one of my overies and my fallopian tubes had been completely taken over and that the adhesions had wrapped around by entestines like fingers and was partially blocking them.

Six months after that I started having irritable (painful)loose bowel movements and have continued since 1992. Today I now get cramping after intercourse with my husband, to include lower back cramping and feeling nausiated and when having the urge to have a bowel movement. Bowl movements actually make me sick to my stomach with pain.

I am currently uninsured and have been for 4 years. I started a new job and my insurance doesn't start up until June, 2004. So it's a waiting game.

The pain doesn't double me up, but does make me sick to my stomach, and very uncomforatable. With it now affecting my husband as intercourse causes the onset of cramping now, I am almost in tears with frustration. I'm tired of doctors, check ups, surgeries and hospitals, yet I feel like this cramping and IBS is to the point I just can't stand it anymore.

Also I'm not in constant pain, but I only get 4 or so days pain free then it starts in again and last a couple of days, then I get better and I'm pain free for another 4 days or so, then the pain starts up again.

Is there any temporary relief while waiting for insurance to kick in? Any advice or suggestions are welcome.


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