Adhesions or Something Else?

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Thu Apr 22 00:04:59 2004

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Linda, It's interesting that a normal procedure had you having eternal bleeding in the ab. I too had surgery due to adhesions in the ab and ended up in ICU with 4 units of blood given because I was bleeding eternally somewhere. My primary discovered that the surgeon must have nicked a main artery in my ab and never had the decentcy to let anyone know. My primary was called because my blood pressure dropped to 40/20 and my color was gray. My mother who has been a nurse for over 37 yrs knew I was dying and called my primary doctor who took over my case and put me in ICU and gave me 4 units of blood. My blood pressure started to rise again. My family was very greatful and the surgeon didn't once come and see me until the last day of my stay in the hospital to where he told me I will be just fine. I was so angry and frustrated.I tried to sue him and even had physical evidence. But the attorneys told me it wouldn't be worth my time, because it is difficult to sue a surgeon in the state of FLorida. All doctors are in what I call a boys club. They cover for each other no matter what happens. I believe that and that is why I personally chose not to have any more surgery unless it is a life threatning situation.

I believe the pain you are experiencing could possibly be adhesions forming again. Unfortunately there is no special kind of test to determine if it is adhesions or not unless they do exploratory surgery to determine that. There are no special x-rays of any kind to show adhesions. I wish there was. I would suggest to seek a second opinion before you go through any more surgery. Also I would suggest you go to : / and e-mail one of the adhesion specialist there. They truly understand what a patient is going thru with adhesions. They are the best in their field and I highly recommend each and every one of them. Good-luck and God bless, Dee

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