Adhesions or Something Else?

From: Linda (
Sun Apr 18 22:56:59 2004


3 years ago, I had a tubal ligation done via laproscope. Unfortunately, something occurred during surgery and I bled internally real badly, losing over 1/3 of my blood into the abdomen. We never discovered the source of the bleeding since it just seemed to stop on its own, miraculously. It took several months for the blood to "absorb" and I have been relatively fine since.

However, I recently (over the last 6 months) have been developing bad pain in the right side of my abdomen sort of in front of the hip bone and down. It comes and goes, sometimes debilitating, sometimes not too bad, but almost always there is some fashion, runs down the front of my leg into my thigh when bad.

Could this be an adhesion problem so long after the surgery? I am searching for an answer to this because the doctors, so far, have not diagnosed anything internal. They are recommending a diagnostic laparoscopy. I guess I'm a little gun shy about getting another "routine" procedure since having the tubal was supposed to be an easy thing and it became a life-threatening experience.

FYI, I also have degenerative disc disease and it has been presenting bad symptoms over the last few months as well in my lumbar spine with tingling on the right side of the body and down the leg, so the thinking is that the pain in the abdomen is being "referred" from the back since I am also concurrently having leg tingling and all that fun stuff. I suppose this is possible and I am now in Physical Therapy 3x a week.

So, given the above, what is anyone's thought about the possibility of it being adhesions (in addition to the back problem) from the internal bleeding episode three years ago???

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