adhesion and pain

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Wed Apr 21 23:52:39 2004

From: []On Behalf Of kimberly mcgoldrick Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 11:33 PM Subject: adhesion and pain

Hi there My name is Kim Im 34 nomally Im like the energizer bunny w/ a 4 and 5 year old daughters that r my life. Since 2001 I became very ill . Actually the Drs say they dont even have any explainations how I have beaten the odds so many times in critical condition. Like yourself I have had several surgeries. # 1 perforated bleeding ulcers w/ H-phylori bacteria led me to a partial gastrectomy, vagotomy, bil-roth 1 sugergy. Constant severe pain and many complications . # more abdominal sugeries, pancreatitus , malabsorbtion, tachacardia, jauntice 7 months in the hospital all together .Insults .last surgery left me w/ no stomach 8 feet of small bowel gone , esophagas reconstructed, half of large intestine and pancreas relocated and partly removed. Finally after 3 years im diagnosed w/ crohns disease which should have been done 3 years ago and I wouldnt be so incredible disabled. My life depends on IV TPN nutrition plus tons of other meds and large amounts of pain meds.. Oh I forgot c-cection in 99. Well anyway the 1st thing is fing yourself a pain management dr. Until you can be at atolerable level of pain you will never heal. Most Drs do not agree w/ this , but thats only because they r not educated in how much pain debiltation plays amajor part of yor recovery. A good pain management Dr will explain it all to you entirely.I dont know were you are so I have no referrals for You.I am willing to help you through this please writ back so we can understand a litlle more of both of our situations . Im in NYC area and have a vasc knowledge in several medical issues including pain maneagement.what I just shared with you is about 5 % of my story. Im here to help !!!I know how you feel because All I want is help as well. Love KIM

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