Not knowing what to do.

Sun Apr 18 22:47:16 2004

I don't know if anyone outthere can help but I am hoping. I was diagnosed with adhesions over ten years ago, I have had numeruos lapriscopic surgeries to remove them and now my gyno is recommending removing my ovaries in fact surgery had been scheduled when I discovered I was pregnant. What I don't know and have never really been told is why I have adhesions, I know that they can be the result of an infection or std but I have never had either. I am now a year past my origonal surgery date and am heading back to the doc. to rebook.Can any one give me any advice? Has any one had their ovaries removed, did it help? What can be done to prevent scarring? My doc said that he thought the ovaries were damaged and causing the scarring? Feeling alone in this because no one seems to understands this.

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