Laperotomy Ashesions and Risks for a Potential C Section Birth...

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Dear Ant & Holly, Just wanted to start by saying how sorry I am that you and your wife has had to go through this. My heart goes out to you and will keep you in my prayers. I personally have had many surgeries and I am willing to share with you that I would try and seek an oncologist gynocologist obgyn specialist. It is always good to seek a second opionion before making any major decisions, especially of this delicate situation. I know of a website you may want to consider and go from there. It is :

This website contains a list of specialist in the field of adhesions and surgeries. There are also other websites within this one that offers specialist in the field of obgyns. Also there is one more thing you need to be aware of.

Everytime you are opened for any kind of surgery, you are at risk for adhesions no matter what. Surgery has many risks involved especially when the patient under goes anesthesia. Please try and get a second opinion before making any decisions. Hope this helps. Dee

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