adhesions in Oregon

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Barbara, I'm hoping you know enough from reading the adhesions board, I've seen your name a few times so you must be actively looking for answers. You need to stop having operations unless it is absolutely necessary.

You need to seek a Dr that is more familiar with adhesions. That cloth thing, most likely won't work. You should seek more information on SprayGel. If you can go to Germany get a hold of Robin, she has been there and knows of a wonderful Dr there. Otherwise your best bet might be to wait fro SprayGel to be approved by the FDA and in the mean time seek a Dr that can help you specifically with your condition.

Don't be afraid to print out and take to the Drs what you find regarding your condition, a good Dr will appreciate your efforts.

If you have any other questions feel free to write to me, Take Care, Pain Free Hugs and Best Wishes to You and Yours, Tammy Lynn Taber

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..... My surgeon just called me and said he thinks we need to do surgery again so I asked him if he knew of any products to help in the regrowth of Adhesions

And he said he knew of a cloth they put inside of you after surgery.

I would rather do the Laporscopic surgery and not be cut open again.

Does anyone know about the clinic in Germany I would like to go there if it works.


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