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I know surgery is the last thing in the world I want to do. I went to my surgeon yesterday, he really is understanding and not in such a hurry to go in either. He does talk with my massage therapist everyday and they have talked about what was going on with me. At this point he want me to have my gallbladder checked, I'll try anything, and then see him in three weeks. Im just a basket case at this point, and since he also knows me social he realizes that if Im there to see him something is seriously wrong.

I also wanted to make a little note concerning the FDA approval of spay gel. Im not exactly sure what they need to "approve" this but let me tell you a little story. Three years ago my brother 28 years old and in perfect health, pre med student, pharmacist. Walked outside to get something out of the car and when he came in had a terrible attack and within 1/2 hour was dead. He had pleanty of inhalers. A year later we hear about the FDA's reccomendation of a VOLUNTARY RECALL on the product the inhalers were defective. Now I come from a family with alot of pharmacist in many field from drug companies to hospitals to small pharmacies and not one of them had ever heard of such a recall. Can you imagine. My sister in law (they were married 11 months) had saved 2 of his inhalers and eventually had them tested by an independant lab. The result was that there was a suffiecient amount of med. however used over a long period of time well you just heard the results.

When we look back my father was using the same inhaler and remembers having problems with it. Anyway the company pulled one out of every 6000 produced to check it. That was there solution. My point. Someone crunched the numbers and thats what it is all about. This product is a "LIFE SAVING" drug and that was the care it was given.

Maybe the FDA just need to hear more voices. I too have looked up all the info. and I dont understand what is taking so long.


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