Laperotomy Ashesions and Risks for a Potential C Section Birth...

From: Anthony (
Sun Apr 4 23:51:38 2004


I hope this is the appropriate place to post this message, if not accept my apologies in advance. And apologies too for the spelling!

If anyone could lend some assistance or experience in a similar circumstance we would really appreciate it as we have a very small amount of time until our second child is born and our doctors and consultants can not help us reach a decision, or even offer any worthwhile advice other than, "hmmmm lets wait and see what happens" "it's your decision" and the classic "that's a difficult problem I don't know what to say."

In November 2001 my wife and I had our first child, a beautiful girl, after 2 days of labour and finally an emergency C-Section late at night.

My wife came home after two days and almost immediately began to feel unwell. After two more days she could bearly walk and was admitted to hospital for tests for blood clots or appendicitis. This was on a Friday.

As many UK readers may know at a weekend there are no facilities in an NHS facilities open for things like blood tests and biopsies so it was not until the monday that my wife was operated on (laporotomy), when the surgeons returned, for the removal of about a pint of puss from her abdomen that was thought to be from an infection. The operation could show no source of the puss.

My wife continued to deteriorate over the next week and by the Friday she was re admitted for a second laporotomy after spending 3 days in HDU (intensive care).

A week later and after taking all known antibiotics, the puss subsided, although she had 6 drains in her stomach to aid this. A week after that she returned home and, appart from a massive chest to pelvis scar x 2, she has been fine!

I'll try to be brief.

Our second child is due on May 10th 2004, today is the 1st April. Our consultant who operated originally is pushing for a natural birth although we feel the chances of this are slim.

A second C-Section is not something that the Surgeon wants to do but I think we would feel more comfortable if the correct staff were present at an agreed time rather than a 3am emergency C-Section and running the risk of adhesions causing more trouble for her than a Obs/Gyn Registrar can handle.

What chance is there that the adhesions will cause us trouble with a C-Section?

Our consultants can not give us an educated answer as they themselves are unexperienced in these matters!

We have two weeks until we have to decide, any personal experience from anyone who might help would be very appreicated.

Thanks for your time.

Ant & Holly

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